stick out


ငေါထွက်သည်။ ကားသည်။ ပြူ သည်။ ထုတ်ပြသည်။

  • Don't stick your head out of the car window.

infml သည်းညည်းခံသည်။ ခါးစည်းခံသည်။

  • He hates the job but he's determined to stick it out because he needs the money.

infml အရဲစွန့်သည်။

  • At this stage I don't want to stick my neck out by saying who will win.


  • They wrote the notice in big red letters to make it stick out.

infml တင်းခံသည်။

  • They're sticking out for higher wages.

မျက်စေ့ စပါးမွေးစူးစရာဖြစ်သည်။

  • The new office block sticks out like a sore thumb among the old buildings in the area.


~ sticks out 3rd person; ~ stuck out past and past participle; ~ sticking out present participle