brit mould ပုံစံခွက်။ မို။

  • a cake mold in the shape of a racing car.

brit mould မှို။

  • moulds attacking the vines.

usu sing ပုံစံ။

  • She doesn't fit into the traditional mould of a university professor.


  • leaf-mould.

~ molds plural


    ~ A into B; B from/out of/in A ပုံသွင်းသည်။ ပုံသွန်းသည်။

    • a Connecticut inventor molded a catamaran out of polystyrene foam.

    ~ sb/sth into sb/sth ပုံသွင်းပေးသည်။

    • He moulded his young players into a formidable team.

    ~ sth to/round sth အသားနှင့် ကပ်နေသည်။

    • Cotton and Lycra mould beautifully to the body.

    ~ molds 3rd person; ~ molded past and past participle; ~ molding present participle