also express train အမြန်ရထား။

  • the 0800 express to Edinburgh.

also esp US special delivery အမြန်ပို့စနစ်။ အမြန်ချော။

  • send goods by express.

အမြန်ကုန်ပို့ ကုမ္ပဏီ။

  • the Orient Express.

~ expresses plural


    ဖော်ပြသည်။ သိမြင်စေသည်။

    • Words cannot express my gratitude to all those who have supported me.

    ~ oneself ပြောဆို ရေးသားဖော်ပြသည်။ အမူအရာဖြင့်ပြသည်။

    • Dramatic gestures were how she often chose to express herself.

    ~ sth as/ in sth esp mathematics esp passive သင်္ကေတနှင့် ဖော်ပြသည်။

    • The prices are expressed in local currency.

    ~ expresses 3rd person; ~ expressed past and past participle; ~ expressing present participle


      esp Brit အမြန်။

      • an express delivery service.

      တိကျပြတ်သား သော။

      • It was his express wish that you should have his gold watch after he died.



      • I got my wife to send my gloves express to the hotel.