~ nearness နီးကပ်ခြင်း



    • We were at last nearing the end of our journey.

    ~ nears 3rd person; ~ neared past and past participle; ~ nearing present participle


      နေရာ၊ အချိန် နီးသော

      • The nearest house to ours is 2 miles away.


      • a 12-point lead over her nearest rival.

      esp superlative နီးစပ်ဆုံးသော

      • This is the nearest colour we have in stock.

      အမျိုး အရင်းအချာဖြစ်သော။

      • the near relations of the deceased.


      • a near riot/tragedy.

      ~ nearer comparative; ~ nearest superlative


        နီးနီး။ နီးကပ်လျက်။

        • Our final exams are drawing near.

        esp in compounds လုနီးပါး။

        • a near-impregnable position.


        also near to အနီးတွင်။ အနားမှာ။ မကွာ။

        • The supermarket is very near to the library.

        အချိန်နီးကပ်သော။ ထက်ပိုနီးသည်။ နီးတော့မှ။ နီးနီး။

        • a nuclear power station near to the end of its working life.

        ကိန်း ဂဏန်း နီးပါး။

        • Share prices are near their record high of last year.

        လုနီးပါး။ လောက်နီးနီး။

        • No one else comes near her in intellect.

        ရင်းနှီးသည်။ နီးနီးကပ်ကပ်။

        • It's very difficult to get near him.

        sth/ doing sth ခါနီး။ လုနီး။ တော့မလို။

        • We were near to being killed.