ပုံတူ။ မိတ္တူ။ ကော်ပီ။

  • Make three carbon copies of the letter.


  • If you can't afford a new copy of the book/perhaps you can find a second-hand one.


  • The government crisis will make good copy.

~ copies plural


    ~ sth down/out; from/off sth; in/into sth စာကူးသည်။

    • The teacher wrote the sums on the board/and the children copied them down in their exercise books.

    မိတ္တူပွားသည်။ မူပွားသည်။

    • copy documents on a photocopier.

    အတုခိုးသည်။ တုသည်။

    • Don't always copy what the others do; use your own ideas.

    ~ from/ off sb ကူးချသည်။ ခိုးချသည်။

    • She was punished for copying off one of her friends during the examination.

    ~ copies 3rd person; ~ copied past and past participle; ~ copying present participle