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HA_2Line Normal

1.0 Mon Apr 10 22:33:29 1995


Generated by Han Than Tun with Fontographer 3.5, April 1995. Regenerated by Sett Aung Khaing, June, 1996, and April, 1997.

Myanmar 3Version 1.358

Myanmar Natural Language Processing (NLP) Research Center is a non-profit organization (NPO) as well as a non-government organization (NGO), mostly supported by Myanmar Computer Federation. It was formed with the aim...myanmarnlp.net.mm

Zawgyi-OneVersion 3.1

Zawgyi-One's Myanmar glyphs are designed by Zaw Win Myat of Art House. The font is produced and published by Zawgyi.net and Alpha Mandalay. It contains glyphs for English and other characters, which are from temporarily from Tahoma.alpha.com.mmzawgyi.net

PaduakVersion 3.003