ပူပန်သောက။ ဗျာပါဒ။

  • Worry and illness had made him prematurely old.

ပူစရာပင်စရာ။ အပူ။

  • He has a lot of financial worries at the moment.

usu sing လုပ်ပေးရမည့် တာဝန်။

  • You don't have to do anything about transport — that's my worry.

~ worries plural


    ~ about/over sb/sth စိတ်ပူသည်။ ပူပန်သည်။ သောက ရောက် သည်။

    • 'Don't worry'/she said/putting an arm round his shoulder.

    ခွေး ကိုက်ဆွဲခါယမ်းသည်။

    • The farmer said my dog had been worrying his sheep.

    ~ sb/oneself about sb/sth စိတ်ပူမိသည်။

    • Many people are worried by the possibility of a nuclear accident.

    ~ sb with sth နှောင့်ယှက်သည်။

    • The noise doesn't seem to worry them.

    ~ worries 3rd person; ~ worried past and past participle; ~ worrying present participle