~ sb/sth from sth ရုပ်သိမ်းသည်။ နုတ်သိမ်းသည်။

  • The old coins have been withdrawn from circulation.

~ from sth ဆုတ်ခွာသည်။ စွန့်ခွာသည်။ နုတ်ထွက်သည်။

  • He was forced to withdraw from the race because of injury.

ငွေ ထုတ်ယူသည်။

  • I'd like to withdraw £500 please.

fml ပြန်လည်ရုပ်သိမ်းသည်။

  • Unless the contract is signed immediately/the offer will be withdrawn.

~ withdraws 3rd person; ~ withdrew past tense; ~ withdrawn past participle; ~ withdrawing present participle