မြင်ကွင်း။ ရှုခင်း။

  • The man in front was obstructing my view of the stage.

မြင်ကွင်း။ ရှုခင်း။

  • There is a wonderful view from the top of the church tower.

also viewing ပြခြင်း။

  • be invited to a private view of an art exhibition.

esp pl ~ about/on sth အမြင်။

  • have/hold/express/air strong political views.

sing ရှုထောင့်။ အမြင်။

  • a highly controversial view of modern art.

~ views plural


    fml ယူဆသည်။ သဘောထားသည်။ ရှုမြင်သည်။ ကြည့်သည်။

    • Viewed from the outside the offer seems genuine.

    ကြည့်သည်။ ရှုသည်။

    • The film hasn't been viewed by the censor.


    • open for viewing between 10.00 and 12.00.

    ရုပ်မြင်သံကြား ပရိသတ်ဖြစ်သည်။

    • the viewing public.

    ~ views 3rd person; ~ viewed past and past participle; ~ viewing present participle



      မျှ။ လောက်။ တမျှ။ သလောက်။

      • This dress is twice as expensive as the blue one.

      အတိုင်း။ သလောက်။

      • as many as twenty-two rare species may be at risk.

      လိုပဲ။ လိုပင်။

      • As before/he remained unmoved. the same as usual.


      ဟန်။ ကဲ့သို့။

      • They entered the building disguised as cleaners.

      အနေဖြင့်။ လို။

      • I respect him as a writer and as a man. Treat me as a friend.

      ဖြစ်သည့်အားလျော်စွာ။ အနေ နှင့်။

      • As her private secretary he has access to all her correspondence.

      …တုန်းက။ …စဉ်က။

      • As a child she was sent to six different schools.


      …နေစဉ်။ …နေတုန်း။ သောအခါ။ သော်။

      • I watched her as she combed her hair.

      သောကြောင့်။ သည့်အတွက်။

      • As you weren't there I left a message.

      ဖြစ်စေကာမူ။ လင့်ကစား။ ပေမင့်လည်း။

      • Talented as he is/he is not yet ready to turn professional.

      သည့်အတိုင်း။ သလို။

      • Just as she had warned me/the shop was shut.


      • Cyprus/as you know/is an island in the Mediterranean.


      • She's unusually tall/as are both her parents.


      ~ plural form of a



        ~ plural form of A