sing ~ in sth ပြောရေးဆိုခွင့်။ ပြောပိုင်ခွင့်။

  • I want a say in the management of the business.

~ says plural


    reporting V says ~ sth to sb ပြော သည်။ ဆို သည်။

    ဆို သည်။

    • Try to say that line with more conviction.

    ဆိုသည်။ ပြောသည်။

    • I'll say this for them/they're a very efficient company.

    no passive ဆိုပါစို့

    • You could learn to play chess in/let's say/three months.

    ~ sth to sb ဆိုလိုသည်။

    • Just what is the artist trying to say in her work?

    no passive အဆိုရှိသည်။ ဆိုသည်။ ညွှန်ပြသည်။

    • The book doesn't say where he was born.

    ~ says 3rd person; ~ said past and past participle; ~ saying present participle


      US infml ဟေ။ ဟုတ်လား။

      • 'I've just been given a pay rise'. 'Say/that's wonderful!'


      • Say! How about a Chinese meal tonight?