~ from sth fml အဆင့်၊ အချက်၊ အလှမ်းစသည်။

  • The book enables children to experience at one remove from reality a wide range of emotions.

~ removes plural


    ~ sth/sb from sth ဖယ်ရှားသည်။ ပြောင်းရွှေ့သည်။

    • The paintings were removed to a museum.

    ချွတ်သည်။ ခွာသည်။

    • remove one's hat/coat/gloves/glasses.

    ~ sth from sth ဖယ်ရှားသည်။

    • The threat of redundancy was suddenly removed.

    ဖယ်ရှား သည်။ ချွတ်သည်။ သန့်စင်သည်။

    • She removed her make-up with a tissue.

    ~ sb from sth ဖယ်ရှားသည်။

    • He was removed from his position as chairman.

    ~ removes 3rd person; ~ removed past and past participle; ~ removing present participle


      ~ from sth ကွာခြားသော။ ခြားနားသော။

      • a way of life that is far removed from our own.