မေးခွန်း၊ ပုစ္ဆာ

    မေးခွန်း။ ပုစ္ဆာ။

    • I will be happy to answer questions at the end.

    ~ of sth ပြဿနာ။ ကိစ္စ။

    • This raises the question of how we finance the project.

    သံသယ။ အငြင်းပွားဖွယ်။

    • There is no/some question about his honesty.

    ~ questions plural


      ~ sb about/ on sth စုံစမ်းမေးမြန်းသည်။

      • They questioned her closely about her previous job.

      ယုံမှားသံသယဖြစ်သည်။ မသင်္ကာဖြစ်သည်။

      • Her loyalty has never been questioned.

      ~ questions 3rd person; ~ questioned past and past participle; ~ questioning present participle