~ of sth ကတိ။

  • The government failed to keep its election promise of more arts funding.


  • He failed to fulfil his early promise.

sing ~ of sth အလားအလာ။ အတိတ်နိမိတ်။

  • The day dawned bright and clear with the promise of warmth and sunshine.

~ promises plural


    reporting verb ~ sth to sb ကတိပေးသည်။ ကတိပြု သည်။ အာမဘနေန္တ ခံ သည်။

    • The president has promised a thorough investigation into the affair.

    အလားအလာ ရှိသည်။ အတိတ် နိမိတ် ပြ သည်။

    • It promises to be warm this afternoon.

    ~ promises 3rd person; ~ promised past and past participle; ~ promising present participle