• He moved the furniture back to its usual position.

esp pl techn တပ်ချထားရာ၊ လက်နက်ကြီးနေရာ။

  • attack the enemy positions.

နေရာမှန်။ နေရာ။

  • The runners got into position on the starting-line.

နေရာကောင်း။ နေရာ။

  • Candidates had been maneuvering/jostling for position even before the leadership became vacant.

အနေ အထား။

  • The vase was in a precarious position on the window-sill.

~ on sth သဘောထား။ ရပ်တည်ချက်။ ရှုထောင့်။

  • He set out/stated the government's official position on the issue.

esp sing အနေအထား။ အခြေအနေ။

  • The company's financial position is very sound.


  • discuss the position of women in society.


  • Wealth and position were not important to her.

fml အလုပ်။ ရာထူး။

  • I should like to apply for the position of assistant manager.

sport အသင်းလိုက်ကစားရသော အားကစားနည်းများတွင် နေရာ။

  • 'What position does he play/is he?' 'Centre-forward.'

~ positions plural


    ထားသည်။ နေသည်။ နေရာယူသည်။

    • Alarms are positioned at strategic points around the prison.

    ~ positions 3rd person; ~ positioned past and past participle; ~ positioning present participle


      ~ Positional နေရာသတ်မှတ်ထားသော။