~ to do sth ကတိ။

  • The government has failed to honour its election pledge.

သက်သေ။ အထိမ်းအမှတ်။

  • gifts exchanged as a pledge of friendship.

အပေါင်ပစ္စည်း။ အာမခံ။

    ~ pledges plural


      ~ sth to sb/sthfml ကတိပေးသည်။

      • the government pledged itself to deal with environmental problems.

      ~ sb/oneself to sth/ to do sth; to do sth/ that ကတိပြုသည်။

      • The union have pledged never to strike/pledged that they will never strike.


      • He's pledged his mother's wedding ring.

      ~ pledges 3rd person; ~ pledged past and past participle; ~ pledging present participle