အဖာ။ အစပ်အဖာ။ အပိုး။

  • She sewed a patch onto the knee of her jeans.

အနာတရဖြစ်သော မျက်စိကို ကာကွယ်ရန် တပ်သော မျက်စိကာ။

  • He wears a black patch over his right eye.


  • He's developing a bald patch.

~ of sth … အကွက်။

  • The ground is wet in patches.

စိုက်ကွက်။ မြေကွက်။

  • a cabbage/vegetable patch.

Brit infml ရဲသားစသည်တို့ တာဝန်ကျရာ အပိုင်း။ အပိုင်။

  • He knows every house in his patch.

ခက်ခဲသော၊ စိတ်ညစ်ရသော ကာလ။

  • Their marriage has been going through a bad/sticky patch.

~ patches plural



    • her jeans were neatly patched.

    ~ sth up ဖာထေးသည်။

    • The elbows of your jersey are worn—I'll need to patch them.

    ~ patches 3rd person; ~ patched past and past participle; ~ patching present participle