တရားသော။ တရားမျှတသော။

    • The just demands of the students must be met.


    • a just reward/punishment.

    ~ juster comparative; ~ justest superlative


      before N and noun phrases တိတိ။ အံကိုက်။ သက်သက်။

      • This gadget is just the thing for getting those nails out.

      before Adj, Adv and prepositional phrases အနေတော်။ အံကိုက်။ တထေရာ တည်း။ ချွတ်စွပ်။ ဤ၊ ထိုနေရာ တွင်။

      • The sauce tastes just right. Put it just here/there.

      before clauses ပဲ။ ပင်။ အတိုင်း။

      • It was just where I expected it to be.

      ~ as အတိုင်း။ အခိုက်။ before an Adj and Adv followed by as အတိုင်း။ လိုပင်။

      • It's just as I thought.

      esp after only ရုံမျှ။ ရုံ။ used before prepositional phrases of time or measurement အခိုက်။ ရုံမျှ။

      • I can only just reach the shelf/even when I stand on tiptoe.

      with perfect tenses; in US English with the simple past tense ခုတင်။ ခုပဲ။ ခုပင်။

      • He has just been telling us about his trip to Rome.

      esp with the present and past continuous tenses ခုတင်။ ခုပဲ။ ခုပင်။ ~ about/ going to do sth referring to the immediate future လုပ်တုန်း။ ခါနီး။

      • I was just beginning to enjoy myself when we had to go home.

      ရုံမျှ။ ရုံ။ ဒီအတိုင်း။

      • This is not just another disaster movie: it is a masterpiece.

      used, esp with the imperative, to cut short a possible argument or delay or to appeal for attention or understanding ကြည့်စမ်း။ ကြည့်စမ်းပါဦး။

      • Just listen to what I'm saying/will you!

      ~ for sth/ to do sth တည်းသာ။ သက်သက်။

      • There is just one way of saving him.

      used in making a polite request, excuse, interruption, etc တစ်ဆိတ်လောက်။ တစ်ချက်လောက်။

      • Could you just help me carry this table/please?

      used with might, could, or may to indicate a slight possibility of sth happening or being true ...ကောင်း...မည်။

      • Try his home number __ he might just/just might be in.

      used for emphasis တကယ်ပဲ။ အဟုတ်ပဲ။ တကယ့်ကို။ used to express agreement တကယ်ပဲ။

      • The food was just wonderful! I can just imagine his reaction.