မာန်စွယ်ချိုးသည်။ ချွတ်သည်။ ချိုးသည်။

  • His resentful colleagues long to see him humbled.

esp sport esp passive ဗန်း နှိပ်လွှတ်သည်။

  • The champion was humbled by a little-known outsider.

~ humbles 3rd person; ~ humbled past and past participle; ~ humbling present participle


    နှိမ့်ချမှုရှိသော။ ထောင်လွှားမှုမရှိသော။

    • he was humble about his stature as one of rock history's most influential guitarists.

    အောက်ခြေ။ အညတရ။

    • a humble occupation

    အညတရ။ သာမည။

    • The humble potato is one of nature's most precious gifts.

    ~ humbler comparative; ~ humblest superlative