အဝယ်။ ဝယ်သည့်အရာ။ ဝယ်စရာ။

    • Best buys of the week are carrots and cabbages/which are plentiful and cheap.

    ~ buys plural


      ဝယ်သည်။ ဝယ်ပေးသည်။

      • She's buying a present for her boyfriend.

      ငွေ ပေး၍ရသည်။ ငွေဖြင့် ဝယ်နိုင်သည်။

      • He gave his children the best education that money could buy.

      ငွေနှင့်ပေါက်သည်။ ငွေခွံ့သည်။

      • He can't be bought i.e. is too honest to accept money in this way. pos i

      ရင်း၍၊ ပေး၍ ရယူသည်။ စတေး၍ ရယူသည်။ usu be bought

      • His fame was bought at the expense of health and happiness.

      အမှန်တရားအဖြစ် လက်ခံသည်၊ ယုံကြည်သည်။

      • No one will buy that excuse.

      ~ buys 3rd person; ~ bought past and past participle; ~ buying present participle