ကန့်သတ်သည်၊ နယ်နိမိတ်သတ်မှတ်သည်

    တစ် လွှား။

    • The dog cleared i.e. jumped over the gate in one bound.

    often boundsအကန့်အသတ် အတိုင်းအတာ။ ဘောင်။

    • It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that he'll win the match.

    ~ bounds plural



      • The dog came bounding up to us/wagging its tail.

      နယ်သတ်သည်။ usu be bounded

      • Germany is bounded on the west by France and on the south by Switzerland.

      ~ past and past participle form of bind

        ~ bounds 3rd person; ~ bounded past and past participle; ~ bounding present participle


          သွားနေသော။ ဦးတည်သော

          • We are bound for home. Where are you bound for?


          • The weather is bound to get better tomorrow.

          forming compound Adj ... သို့ဦးတည်သော။ ... သို့သွားသော။

          • We're Paris-bound.

          ဥပဒေအရ၊ အခြေအနေအရ၊ ဝတ္တရားအရ လုပ်ရသော။

          • They are bound by the contract to deliver the goods on time.

          forming compound Adj ဘယ်မှ ထ၍၊ ထွက်၍မရသော။ ပိတ်ဆီးနေသော။ ပိတ်မိနေသော။

          • I hate being desk-bound e.g. in an office all day.