usu the lie မုသား။

    • His story is nothing but a pack of lies.

    sing တည်ရာ။

    • He found his ball in a difficult lie.

    ~ lies plural


      ~ to sb; about sth လိမ်ပြောသည်။ မုသားဆိုသည်။

      • You could see from the expression on his face that he was lying.

      လဲသည်။ လျောင်းသည်။

      • The dog was lying fast asleep by the fire.

      ညာသည်။ လှည့်စားသည်။

      • The camera cannot lie.

      ပြန့်ကြဲ၊ ပွင့်လျက်သား စသည် ရှိသည်။

      • Clothes were lying about all over the floor.


      • These machines have lain idle since the factory closed.

      ရှေ့မှာ၊ အောက်မှာစသည်ရှိသည်။

      • The valley lay below us.


      • The town lies on the coast.

      ~ in sth ရှိသည်။

      • The problem lies in deciding when to intervene.

      လိုက်နေသည်။ ရှိသည်။

      • After five matches Derby are lying second.

      ~ lies 3rd person; ~ lay past tense; ~ lain past participle; ~ lying present participle